its me your photographer

Childhood gave me the best memories from a disposable camera - talk about a walk down memory lane - from flowers to dogs to MY people; scrapbooking was my passion. As a wife + mother my heart only grew fonder of the necessity to document all  the things - all of them! Life doesn't stand still that's why I love to incorporate movement into my photos- my love for laughter and the in-between moments will keep your gallery genuine with all those good laughs and natural interactions!                               Are you ready for adventure?

After all isn't that what this journey you're on is all about?!


Hi! Im Courtney!

I'm a natural redhead, both my parents and my sister have red hair too 

 I drink a coffee before bed almost every evening

 I have over 50 houseplants

 My family and I raise + release monarch butterflies all summer

 My husband is self-employed also. We love the freedom!

 I'm a self-love warrior; making you feel comfortable during our session is my specialty 

 I advocate for struggling young redheads. Having lived it myself it's important to me

 I love being a soccer mom, even though I skipped the van phase

 I'm an old, vintage soul who loves anything sentimental. The older I get, the worse it gets

 Even when I whisper I still talk loud, it's a gift 


my family is my greatest treasure

if you're ready I'm ready - head over to my contact form to start booking your session!